About Me

Mariska Botha is a former Advocate of the High Court of South Africa who has always had a passion for fashion.Mariska Smallest

She turned her passion for fashion and her love for the aesthetically pleasing into a career by qualifying as an image consultant and stylist.

She is currently based in George, on the Garden Route, RSA and she is the founder and director of The Style Consultancy.

Mariska aspires to inspire and empower women (and men) of all ages and walks of life to become the best and most confident version of themselves, and to always look and feel their very best, both inside and out.

She has a passion for travel and specialises in the creation of destination and season specific travel capsule wardrobes, based on her own travel experience and with the latest fashion trends in mind.

Why do you need an image consultant?

First impressions last!

Making a memorable first impression starts with how you think of yourself and is completed by how you dress.

It is my job to help you to find and release the lioness that has always been within you. I will teach you how make the best style and colour choices to ensure that you always make a positive and lasting first impression.

You are incredible, inimitable and irreplaceable. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are worth it.



Style Analysis

Pos1 Style Analysis High

Duration varies • R1 250

We determine your height, body proportions, silhouette, face shape and style personality as well as any areas of concern. We then advise you on the styles and fabrics, line and design elements, accessories and length of garments best suited to make you look and feel fantastic. Includes access to the "My Private Stylist" Web Program, which we shall personalise to suit your specific needs.

Colour Analysis

Pos2 Colour Analysis High

Duration varies • R1 250

We determine your colour flow and colour personality and provide you with advice on the best colours to enhance and intensify your eyes, hair and skin tone. We even determine your signature colour - that WOW colour that will make you stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons! Includes a Standard Colour Swatch and Colour E-Book

Complete Makeover

Pos3 Complete Makeover High

Duration varies • Individually Quoted

A complete transformation! Style, Colour, Wardrobe Detox, Shopping, Hair & Make-up. Includes access to the "My Private Stylist" Web Program, which we shall personalise to suit your specific needs, as well as a standard colour swatch and e-book. Excludes cost of hairdresser and clothing. Please contact us for more information.

Wardrobe Audit

Pos4 Wardrobe Audit High

Duration varies • R375 Per Hour

We come to you to assess your wardrobe and determine what you should keep, have altered, or get rid of. We also specialise in reorganising your winter and summer clothing around for you and structuring your wardrobe to be more user friendly. Minimum of 2 hours required.


Pos5 Shopping High

Duration varies • R375 Per Hour

We go shopping with you (or for you) and within your budget. Please be aware that the retail shops may not always have what we are looking for for you. We then recommend that the shopping appointment be deferred to a later date or offer our services with online shopping. We also have an online shopping service available. Please contact us for more information. The duration of a typical shopping appointment is 3 hours.

Make-up Lesson

Pos6 Make up Lesson High

Duration varies • R400

We teach you how to apply your everyday make-up like a professional, using the make-up you already have in your bag. We'll also make suggestions for future purchases. Our entire kit will be at your disposal, but please also bring your own make-up along.

A few useful quizzes to get to know yourself better

Cost per Wear Calculator

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How much you waste on clothes

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Lifestyle vs Wardrobe Pie

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What is your style expression?

Pos12 What is your style personality

What type of shopper are you?

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